Last Modified: January 21, 2017
CS 295: Statistical NLP: Winter 2017
Project Proposal
Sameer Singh
As the second submission for your course project, you will be submitting a project proposal, a more detailed
version of your pitch. Each project proposal (one per group) will be a
two page
PDF write-up uploaded to Canvas
by February 7, 2017, containing the following sections.
What to Submit?
The project proposal should contain everything that was included in the pitch, with more details where necessary.
Such details include additional content such as more citations, details of the evaluation plan, description of the
proposed approach, etc. In particular, it should address any feedback that I provided on your pitch.
For individual sections, I foresee the following changes:
Team Details:
As with the pitch, include all of the details of your team. If there have been any changes in
the team (such as individuals or the team name), highlight it (e.g. in red).
Problem Setup and Motivation:
I expect you to present a more concrete problem setup, and its rele-
vance/importance to the field at large. I also expect you to show a better understanding of the existing work
through description and citations to the related work (you can include a separate related work section if you
deem necessary). The references section is not included in the 2-page maximum.
Proposed Approach
Give more details about the approach that you are proposing, including what makes it
different from existing approaches to your problem, if any. Mention the potential issues you are likely to
face, i.e. scalability, lack of labeled data, etc. and how you plan to address them.
Evaluation Plan
Give details of the specific dataset/plan you have identified for evaluation. Describe the
metrics you will use to test the success of your project at the end of the quarter. Given that this is the most
important aspect of the project, you should have definitely decided both of these by now.
Additionally, include the following section that was not required in the pitch.
Plan of Work
In brief, provide a rough outline of the major milestones of the project, and a rough estimate
for when you estimate you will achieve it. In particular, include what you expect to have achieved by the
mid-quarter status report (due Februrary 21). If you have already made concrete progress on the project,
other than what has been mentioned in the above sections, mention so in this section.
Project Proposal UC Irvine 1/ 1