Last Modified: June 4, 2017
CS 175: Project in AI (in Minecraft): Spring 2017
Project Final Submission
Sameer Singh
This is the final submission for the course, a summary of what you have achieved in the past ten weeks. It should
build upon the status report to address all of its shortcomings in the approach, evaluation, or the demonstration.
You will be evaluated on how challenging is the problem that you have solved, how well have you evaluated your
proposed approach, and the quality of your demonstration. A significant component of this submission will also be
to evaluate your own contributions, and that of your teammates.
The final submissions add up to a total of
100 points
(which makes up 40% of your final grade), 60 of which
are given to the group as a whole, and 40 specific to individuals. The breakdown of the points is as below:
Quality of Report 10
Level of Challenge 20
Evaluation 15
Demonstration Video 15
Your contribution 40
Total 100
The project report is due by
midnight, June 12
, with additional days as per your group’s remaining grace
days, if available. The contribution part of the project is due only by
midnight, June 16
(no grace days for this),
so that you can take the final stretch of the project into account.
1 Project Report, 60 points
The primary submission for the final report should be included on the website by adding a filename called in your repo’s /docs folder. This file should start exactly with the following lines:
1 ---
2 layout: default
3 title: Final Report
4 ---
The report should be self-standing, i.e. it should not need the previous reports to understand what you are
doing. It should consist of the following sections:
Use a level two header to at the very top, and embed the video of your project. In order to embed
the video, find your YouTube video ID, and insert the following in after the header:
As in the status report, the video should contain a brief problem description (using images, screenshots,
or screen captures), an example capture of how a simple baseline performs, and an example capture of
a run that is your best. You are free to include more details, such as summary of how you did it, some of
the failure cases, but it is not needed. The video should be a maximum of
three minutes
(less is fine), of
reasonably high quality, i.e. a minimum resolution of 1200
720 (i.e. 720p), and speech, if any, should be
Project Summary:
Use another level-two header to start a Project Summary section. Write a few paragraphs
summarizing the goals of the project (yes, yet again, but updated/improved version from the status). In
particular, make sure that the problem is clearly defined here, and feel free to use an image or so to set up
the task. Part of the evaluation will be on how well you are able to motivate the challenges of the problem,
i.e. why is it not trivial, and why you need AI/ML algorithms to solve it.
Project Final Submission UC Irvine 1/ 2
CS 175: Project in AI (in Minecraft) Spring 2017
Use another level-two header called Approaches, In this section, describe both the baselines
and your proposed approach(es). Describe precisely what the advantages and disadvantages of each are,
for example, why one might be more accurate, need less data, take more time, overfit, and so on. Include
enough technical information to be able to (mostly) reproduce your project, in particular, use pseudocode
and equations as much as possible.
An important aspect of your project, as I’ve mentioned several times now, is evaluating your
project. Be clear and precise about describing the evaluation setup, for both quantitative and qualitative
results. Present the results to convince the reader that you have solved the problem, to whatever extent you
claim you have. Use plots, charts, tables, screenshots, figures, etc. as needed. I expect you will need at least
a few paragraphs to describe each type of evaluation that you perform.
Make a list of work you’re citing in your description above (starting with a level-two header).
This should include any papers you think are relevant, third-party source code you used, sources for any of
the images that you didn’t create, and any other websites/links you found useful.
A template for the final report is available here:
. Please make sure your headers of each section are formatted similar
to the template, but you’re free to organize each section using lower-level headers, i.e. 3 ( ### ) and 4 ( #### ).
2 Contributions, 40 points
A Contributions assignment will appear separately on canvas for you to describe you own contributions, your
teammates’ contributions, and evaluate yourself relative to your teammates. Keep in mind that if your project
didn’t work out, we’re already taking that into account in other sections; this one is primarily to evaluate how
much you put into the project.
Your Contribution:
In the first part, describe your own contributions to the project as a list of things you
did, in no more that
250 words
(lesser the better). These can include things that maybe didn’t make into
the source code, for example you tried some feature but it didn’t work, or were responsible for the video, or
you read a lot of papers and taught your teammates about it. Also, give yourself a letter grade (F, C, B-, B,
B+, A-, A, A+) as to how well you think you did relative to your teammates, and the rest of the projects (as
you’ve seen so far), using the text above as justification. Needless to say, this will not be your grade, so it’s
more important be honest than try to inflate this.
Teammates’ Contribution:
For each teammate, give them a letter grade (F, C, B-, B, B+, A-, A, A+) for how
much you think they contributed. Again, be fair; give them a higher grade than you if they did more work
than you, and avoid finding blame for why (if) the project didn’t come together. Also, justify your grade by
providing a list of their contributions, using a maximum of
100 words
for each teammate. This will not
directly be your teammates grade, but I want to make sure unfair contributions are evaluated appropriately.
It wouldn’t be a bad idea to make a list of your and your teammates contributions, and have a group meeting
to go through those, and make sure everyone is on the same page.
Project Final Submission UC Irvine 2/ 2